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    Who are we?

    Since late 2016, Blaque Falcon has been independently pushing the envelope to the next paradigm, through the gradual growth of its street and casualwear clothing. We have also penetrated into hearts and minds through its dynamic story-telling with the publication of its debut crime-thriller novel DRAX, published in Summer 2017.


    Our Story

    Ikenna Nwimo created the Blaque Falcon brand with limited experience in the fashion or literary experience – albeit having taken part in a few Fashion runway shows and even working part-time in a few fashion retail stores in London, England. Blaque Falcon establishes its ethos and philosophy through the quality of its clothing, and the audaciousness and ingenuity of the founder’s writing style. Blaque Falcon products are all currently available for sale worldwide via the brand’s online shop .



    • Ensure our customers receive the best value for money every day of every year.
    • Become 100% consumer-centric
    • Adopt the royal characteristic of the Falcon symbol in our products
    • Strive to be audacious in capturing our ‘prey’ i.e. achieving our goals and objectives
    • Continue to stay true to the brand loyalty and to customers


    What’s Different about us than everyone else?

    • We’re a growing brand that independently sells both a fresh brand of clothing and dynamic literature
    • Best value for money on the market
    • All of our stock is kept in-house in order to better respond to our customers’ needs


    Our Products

    • When you purchase a Blaque Falcon item, you are guaranteed to be purchasing an item of quality. You aren’t just purchasing clothes you’re becoming a member of our international family that’s committed to pushing themselves beyond the present envelope. When you purchase a copy of our literature, you’re not just buying a book, you’re extending your mind beyond the contemporary reality and entering into the brand’s imagination.


    'With knowledge and excellence, nothing should be squandered. A good falconer releases only as many birds as are needed for the chase' - Baltasar Gracian

    The Falcon is a symbolic animal for victory and visionary power; and with that, they are able to point themselves to their prey - their purpose.